Salting Veggies

A Simple Way To Cater To Everyone

We are a married couple who have both been working in food service for a very long time.


Anyone who has been 'in the industry' knows the logistical complications that can arise from customers taking your available menu options and completely modifying them to cater to their own dietary needs. This can easily bring a kitchen to a halt through confusion and constant double-checking from chef to server to customer. The best solution is to provide menu items specially designed for different diets (such as vegan or vegetarian). However, this usually ends up being a dish that lacks the wow factor found on the rest of the menu.

What if you could use what you already have and add an award-winning plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free product that will surprise the most demanding of guests?


What if it came as an easy to use base that you could make in your own image?

What if it were freezable so you could use as much or as little as you need in a day?

Let us help you provide tasty food to satisfy the trending dietary requests. With quality product and reasonable wholesale prices, we can help with those 'special requests'.


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