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Our award-winning plant-based products are currently only sold on the beautiful island of Maui. Because they are refrigerated and perishable we cannot ship them directly to consumers anywhere off-island.

If you are here on Maui, you're in luck!

It's on the shelves right now at the following locations:

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We launched the Let's Feed Them Plants cooking show for anyone who is trying to eat less meat and dairy but are overwhelmed by the whole process. Perhaps you have family and friends who insist they don't want that kind of food. Maybe you already eat this way but are out of ideas. We're here for you.


Each episode Mama Jess will help inspire you with satisfying and relatable comfort food recipes that will win over even the biggest critics.

"The world is hungry. Let's feed them plants." - Mama Jess

New Recipe E-Bundle

We've just released our brand new recipe e-bundle! It's a collection of Mama Jess' most satisfying creations for you to make at home for your friends and family. This bundle includes her Amazing Crabby Plant-Cakes recipe which is worth the price of admission alone. The Herbed Cream of Mushroom and Potato Soup will get you through the upcoming chill of winter and the Veggie Jambalaya will feed a small army.

This 32 page recipe e-bundle is now available in our store.


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