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Feed Them Plants.

A Plant-Based Journey

For much of my life I suffered from sensitive and uncomfortable digestion. I found through trial and error that a plant-based diet was my relief. Unfortunately this happened in the 90's when vegan products were, quite frankly, disgusting and unhealthy. I would fall off the wagon again and again. Fast forward to being pregnant with our second baby and 20 weeks of morning sickness. This was the moment I switched to plant-based for life. I have loved cooking this way for my children and husband ever since. It is the thing that makes me smile.


I made the most delicious cheeses and sauces for myself and my family but never in the world expected to sell them. My husband encouraged me to make some samples for his co-workers and they immediately became popular. We were getting orders for products that we didn't even make yet! I had to learn how to not only cook them, but manufacture and sell them by going to night classes at the University of Hawaii, Maui. Not only was I the first person to go through the entire program, I also won every first place judge's award along the way. As a full-time mother to two toddlers the struggle was real, but the surprise and delight that everyone shared with me after trying my products gave me the fuel to keep moving forward.

I am grateful and still in awe that so many people support my business. My goal is to create household staples that make you excited for more whether you're vegan or not. I want to make your plant-based curiosity adventurous, delicious and convenient. I want you to taste my products and know that you can have your comforting cheesy nachos or sour cream and you can ditch the guilt.

Mama Jess

Imagine a nacho cheese with ZERO saturated fat.

Nacho Cheesalicious is made from carrots and potatoes.

From our family to yours. Thank you.


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